Journal Papers

Automatic recognition of Indonesian declarative questions and statements using polynomial coefficients of the pitch contours
Nazrul Effendy, Koichi Shinoda, Sadaoki Furui, Somchai Jitapunkul
The Acoustical Society of Japan, Accoust. Sci. & Tech., No. 30, pp. 249-256, Apr., 2009

Conference Proceedings (peer reviewed)

Robust Speech Recognition In The Car Environment
Agnieszka Betkowska Cavalcante, Koichi Shinoda, Sadaoki Furui
the 4th Language and Technology Conference (LTC'09), pp. 39-43, Nov., 2009

Noise robust speech recognition using spectral subtraction and F0 information extracted by Hough transform
Hideki Yasui, Koichi Shinoda, Sadaoki Furui, Koji Iwano
Proc. Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association 2009 Annual Summit and Conference (APSIPA-ASC '09), pp. 631-634, Oct., 2009

Speaker Adaptation Based on Two-Step Active Learning
Koichi Shinoda, Hiroko Murakami, Sadaoki Furui
Proc. INTERSPEECH 2009, pp. 576-579, Sep., 2009

Online speaker clustering using incremental learning of an ergodic hidden markov model
Takafumi Koshinaka, Kentaro Nagatomo, Koichi Shinoda
Proc. ICASSP 2009, pp. 4093-4096, Apr., 2009

Independent component analysis for noisy speech recognition
Hsin-Lung Hsieh, Jen-Tzung Chien, Koichi Shinoda, Sadaoki Furui
Proc. ICASSP 2009, pp. 4369-4372, Apr., 2009

Conference Proceedings (non-refereed)

TITGT at TRECVID 2009 Workshop
Nakamasa Inoue, Shanshan Hao, Tatsuhiko Saito, Koichi Shinoda, Ilseo Kim, Chin-Hui Lee
Proc. TRECVID Workshop (TRECVID 2009), Nov., 2009

Multimedia Information Retrieval Using Statistical Approach
Koichi Shinoda
Microsoft Research Asia 2009 Annual Workshop of IJARC, pp. 13, Jul. 14, 2009

Domestic Conference Proceedings

Gait Recognition Using CHLAC Features and Hidden Markov Model
IEICT Tachnical Report, Vol. PRUM2008-224, pp. 99-103, Feb., 2009